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Press Release – Pompa Seminars Orlando, FL Event

Posted in Uncategorized by pompaseminars on July 28, 2010

Orlando, FL – July 28, 2010 Chiropractors and other Health Care Practitioners recognize Pompa Seminars and Dr. Dan Pompa for their revolutionary and inspirational approach to alternative medicine.

Dr. Daniel Pompa of Pompa Seminars (http://pompaseminars.com) is a chiropractor that specializes in neurotoxic illness. Neurotoxic illnesses, or “environmental illnesses,” can include anything from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, autism and other autism spectrum disorders.

Dr. Pompa states, “ Every doctor’s office in America is faced with this health epidemic. Debilitating, degenerative diseases are on the rise with more people dying from Cancer, Heart Disease, Neurodegenerative illnesses and the diseases of the new millennium. Each patient’s case is unique and complex. Most doctors will hand out a medication, supplements or homeopathic remedies, but who is going to deal with the root cause?”

“ There are doctors that try to detox their patients but have not seen sustainable results.  Are you prepared to handle these new millennium diseases? ”

A group of doctors led by Dr. Dan Pompa have been able to successfully treat these conditions that almost every person in society either has or is developing. The strategies they use are based on the most advanced research and science in functional medicine giving us a comprehensive understanding on how to remove these chemical subluxations that are plaguing you, your family, your community and your country.

What is attractive to many of their clients is the ability for practices to generate residual income

One of the Chiropractors, who attended Dr. Pompa’s Chiropractic and Nutrition Seminar, went from running a $5,000.00 a month nutrition practice, to a $40,000.00 a month nutrition detoxification practice in less than 6 months.

Another doctor used what he learned at Pompa Seminars and made an extra $30,000.00, above and beyond what he normally makes.

Several other practitioners now utilize new millennium marketing techniques to flood their offices with hormone dysregulation, weight-loss resistance, chronic fatigue, diabetes, heart disease, autism, and thyroid case clients.

It is clear that Pompa Seminars not only teaches Chiropractors and other Practitioners how to fill and grow their offices financially, but also teaches valuable training techniques to get to the root cause of these new millennium diseases.

Dr. Pompa and other clinic coaches at Pompa Seminars are providing tools and ideas that not only build your practice but also serve your clients at the highest level.

For more information call 724-940-7789 or email PompaSeminars@DrPompa.com

Contact Info

Pompa Seminars

20436 Rt. 19

Suite 620 Box 257

Cranberry Township, PA 16066

Contact: Amie Olson

Tel: (724) 940-7789



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